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Topical Numbing Gel

Using a soft cotton swab, we gently apply a flavored topical anesthetic solution to the target area.

This process effectively pre-numbs the area and allows for complete comfort during all remaining procedures. Oh yes, our piña colada flavor is the most popular - but don't worry, we have others too!


To assure your complete comfort, we preheat the dental anesthetic to body temperature (98.6 degrees) and take the greatest care in its administration.

To achieve a level of numbing that is total, we use Lidocaine, which is the standard of care today. Novocain is no longer commonly used.

Topical Numbing Gel

Anxious Patient, Oral Sedation, and Sleep Dentistry

If you’re like most people, aside from visits with your dental hygienist, the dentist’s office is not where you’d prefer to spend your time. To lessen your dental anxiety we can prescribe a safe anti-anxiety medication which allows you to relax and let us to do what we do best: provide ultimate oral health care to fit your needs.

Dental Anxiety
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