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Our Team

Dr. John Wozny - Since a young age, Dr Wozny has had a passion for working with his hands building and sculpting just about everything. He refined these abilities with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois, but found his true calling when he pivoted and achieved his DDS degree from University of Illinois at Chicago.  

    Over the last 28 years, Dr Wozny has developed and perfected his skills in a variety of disciplines, beginning with surgery, diagnostics, endodontics, and pediatrics during his residency at St. Clares hospital in Albany, NY. After that, he pursued aesthetic excellence with orthodontic certifications in Invisalign, Essix, and traditional bracketing, as well as years of study and affiliation with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentisty. 

     Dr Wozny has been using CAD/CAM technology since engineering school in 1988, and used the CEREC system for research during dental school in 1993, long before it became mainstream. As the CEREC CAD/CAM professional in the office, he was quintessential in the early adoption and incorporation of CEREC technology to the Hirshberg Wozny Dental Group. 

    Simultaneously, as implant dentistry became popular, Dr Wozny stayed at the cutting edge of this technology, completing advanced training at the Biomet Institute for Implant Dentistry. Using implant restorations, Dr Wozny has transformed situations with hopeless, unrestorable and broken teeth into attractive new and functional smiles.

     Today, Dr Wozny enjoys bringing together his expertise in all these disciplines: engineering, surgery, implants, aesthetics, orthodontics, technology- to perform beautiful and functional full mouth reconstructions on complex and severely compromised dentitions.

     As the owner of Hirshberg Wozny, Dr Wozny is also responsible for maintaining the finest group of general and specialist dentists available to treat all of your dental needs. When not practicing dentistry, Dr Wozny is a jazz pianist, windsurfer, and an avid marathoner.

John M. Wozny, D.D.S.

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